Does Grammar Checker Free help to improve writing skills?

Yes! All English and other language tools tend to teach the basic Grammar rules such as starting a sentence with a capital, using a noun and a verb in a sentence, appropriate punctuation use, and correct tense use, etc. These are just a few Grammar rules that we are taught in written and spoken communication. While speaking, we have to take care of the Grammar rules to make the other person properly understand what we are saying. We change our tone of voice, pause or put stress on a particular word. Whether we know it or not, we are always applying Grammar rules in speech. However, when it comes to writing, we often end up forgetting the most basic Grammar rules. The probability increases when we want to stress a particular word. For instance, when we write “this is absolutely free”, absolutely is used to indicate an authority. If we write “this is free”, it is also correct, but it lacks the authority that has been stressed in the sentence. An online Grammar checker will highlight ‘absolutely’ as a redundant word, it depends on user judgment whether to ignore or not.

This is explained to show how different types of errors are highlighted by Grammar checker. When such errors occur in your writing and you check Grammar, you will be intentionally or unintentionally absorbing them in your memory, which can help you improve your writing skills. If you wish to become a better written, start using Grammar Checker today!