How does Grammar Check Free work?

This is an online Grammar and spelling check tool. It has been designed and developed to help people correct their spelling and Grammar mistakes. When a user provides text to Grammar checker for checking, the algorithm that works behind the scene looks for sentences with potential Grammar errors. When it comes across any sentence with a mistake, it checks if it is occurring due to spelling error because spelling errors cause a number of mistakes in English writing. These mistakes could be subtle, but they end up changing the sentence meaning. This mainly happens when you write words that sound very much alike but are spelled differently, and the English language has many of them, for instance, ‘bear’ and ‘bare’. Even professional writers can get confused because inbuilt word processors often overlook such errors.

English Grammar Checker carefully examines each and every sentence in the submitted text and checks whether it’s a spelling error or Grammar error. If it is a spelling problem, then our Grammar Check Free will highlight it in pink, and if it is a syntax error, then it will be highlighted in a yellow.

The most efficient feature of our website is that it doesn’t just highlight the error but also give you appropriate suggestions as well. It is far more complex to check Grammar errors than to check spelling errors. In order to check Grammar online, an English Grammar checker must follow a predefined set of rules to check Grammar online. GrammarCheckFree.net is by no means a perfect tool, and it should not be used as a substitute for human accuracy.