How exactly does GrammarCheckerFree.net display and correct mistakes?

Let us explain how to use our English Grammar checker . The first step is to visit our website and access the site. On the Home Page, you see information about the type of text or document that you can handle. You can see a Select File button that allows you to upload .text, .doc, and .docx files. By clicking the button, you will be able to see the files and the folders on your system. Select the file that you want to run a Grammar check for or alternatively you can submit the text by copy and pasting it in the text box. There are over 30 available languages; you can choose your required language, and then click on ‘Check Grammar’ button. If you want your text checked in English, then you can even select English style such as American, British, and South African.

Our online Grammar checker will load the spelling and Grammar rules for the selected language. The tool will begin to check Grammar and highlight the errors. Mistakes will be highlighted in yellow and red or pink. The errors in yellow are Grammar errors while the ones in pink are spelling errors. By clicking on the word, our check Grammar online tool will display the suggested corrections for the mistake. It depends on the user whether he wants to correct the error or ignore it. Once, the errors have been rectified; the user should copy and paste the text where he wants.